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Why Wix?

Wix is the leading cloud-based website building platform for creating a beautiful, professional web presence.  

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What Makes Wix Our Preferred Platform

Customization and Flexibility

Wix offers an extensive template library featuring over 500 customizable designs for all industries, an extremely powerful editor, drag and drop interface and an abundance of other tools and applications that can be intregrated into a website.

Great for Business, Blogging, eCommerce and Portfolio Sites

Any type of website can be built using Wix including blogs, business sites, eCommerce sites and portfolio sites.

Drag and drop functionality allows users to create HTML5 sites and mobile sites.

Search Engine Optimization

With a Wix website plan, users have complete customization for optimal search engine optimization so that alt tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, and customize page titles to optimize web pages to rank your site and for indexing on Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Online Store, Shopping Cart and Event Ticket Sales

Wix offers a shopping cart system that will allow you to quickly set up an online store to see products, services or registrations for events or classes online.

You can also promote events, and manage ticket sales.

Contact Management

Wix's contact management, CRM, and email marketing application let you engage with clients, track contact requests, manage invoices, receive payments, and calendar management.

Seamless No-Hassle "Behind the Scenes" Platform Updates

The Wix platform is updated "behind the scenes" so that users don't have to download or install a new version every time there are new innovations or technical advances to the website platform.  No need to worry about loss of information or other glitches that could effect a website when the platform is updated.

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Your website is your strongest marketing business asset. It represents your brand to the world, That’s why we start every project with a conversation to ensure your web design, development, and digital strategy align with your goals, every step of the way.

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