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7 Steps to Writing Blogs

Many entrepreneurs have a hard time writing efficiently. This often causes them to waste more time than necessary when it comes to blogging.

When it takes too long to write something, blogging often takes a back seat to everything else in an entrepreneur’s business mostly because they feel they feel they don’t have enough time to get it done.

But remember – blogging is a very effective marketing tool for your business because you can showcase your expertise regularly and you can also repurpose blog posts to easily create other content. The key is to develop a steady routine so that you can write consistently and more efficiently. These steps provide an effective guideline for your blog writing routine.

Use a writing template

Create a writing template that helps you follow a process for your writing. For example, if you use a template in MS Word, your blog writing becomes a streamlined process. In your template, you should include things like the topic category, article title, publish date, formatting specifics, SEO and keywords, and what your call to action is.

Choose a few categories

Work with a specific set of categories is key to efficient writing. Choose 4 or 5 topics that you plan to write about on a regular basis. Rotate your articles through these categories so you can plan your writing ahead. To add variety to your blog, simply write in different styles – keeping your topics interesting for your audience.

Keep an organized swipe folder

The one thing that seems to slow entrepreneurs down from writing regular blogs is research. As you come across information in your online surfing keep an “idea” folder of things that you want to write about. Organize it so that you can easily find what you need. When you see an image, quote or phrase you like or a statistic that would be interesting to your audience, save it to write about in your blog. Don’t copy others but let your research inspire you.

Schedule your Blog Writing

When you know what you will be writing about, create a topic calendar and follow it to plan what you will write. Collate the information you want to write about from the research you have done on different topics and plan for the month ahead and then when it’s time to write you will know what topic you want to write about.

Keep a “Library” of Images

Set up a folder in your file management system to store images relevant to various topics you want to write about. When you write a blog on a specific topic, you can select an image or create a mini slideshow of images that would be beneficial to the message you want to convey in your blog. There are many online sources that provide images in a variety of categories and topics that you can easily access and download images from.

Set a Time Limit for Writing

Once it’s finally time to write, set a time limit to write and complete your blog. For example, set a time of 1 hour for writing and posting your blog on your website and social media. Strive to complete your blog within that time limit. The more you do this the better you will get at writing blogs within a specific time and gradually you may find that you won’t need as much time to write blogs.

Limit your blog post length

Be careful to keep your blog short. Blogs should be around a maximum of 600 words. Longer posts take longer for you to write and your audience won’t want to read a long blog. Get right to the point and be concise to keep the interest of your audience. Too much information can be overwhelming.

When you write blogs and follow these steps, not only will be able to showcase your expertise effectively but you will keep your audience interested and even get readers to convert to clients. Blogging can be beneficial to your business success.


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