• Barbara Gilbert

How to Make Your Content Go Viral

On the internet and in search engines, content is king. Creating content that has the potential to end up going viral may seem particularly challenging. Anyone who wants to start Internet marketing for their business needs to realize that it is social media that reaches the public offers you this potential. Your ultimate goal should be to create content for your blog or website that people find useful or interesting enough that they want to share it with their friends. If people like your content enough, then they will share it, effectively doing your advertising for you. When this occurs, your content has already made the first step in going viral and being shared by others on social networks and forums all across the net. The best thing is there’s no cost to creating great content that goes viral. Have a look at the five most important factors which can make your content popular to your target audience. Uniqueness It might be true that just about every conceivable subject has been written about time and time again on the Web. But it is still not as hard as you may think to take a different approach on a subject and appeal to a more specific audience. Define your style in your writing to formulate unique content which your audience will enjoy reading. Quality and originality are important both for your readers’ patience and for search engine optimization. Give your readers the impression that they are missing out if they don’t read your content. Be Concise The average reader surfing the Web only consumes about a fifth of the content that they come across. It might seem a shame that most of your people won’t actually read your blog post word-for-word, because they tend to have a short attention span when viewing content online. Remember when writing your content to make it concise and easy to scan through by making a point without reams of detail. Break it down into sections with subheadings so that people may easily pick out the exact information that they are looking for. Usefulness Creating content which is useful to someone is a must. Hands-on and practical information such as how-to articles, list-type articles and any other type of informative or engaging writing is sure to catch your readers’ attention. If your readers can start putting into practice the information that you give them right away, the content has a much higher chance of going viral. This is precisely why how-to articles, for example, are so popular. Just think about how many times people search in Google for an answer or a tutorial of some sort. Consistency It will take time to build up rapport and become an authority in the eyes of your audience. You won’t be able to achieve this overnight, but it will come in time. Make this happen by maintaining consistency, defining your style and sticking to what you know and what you enjoy. Once your readers start to trust you and enjoy seeing your content on a regular basis, they will become regular visitors. They will also be much more likely to share your content. Set up schedule for creating and updating your content and stick to it. Sharing Make it easy for people to share your content. Most readers are less likely to share your content if they have to log into Facebook or any other social media site and then manually copy and paste a link into the status field. Make it as easy as possible for them to share content by ensuring that social media buttons are available at the bottom of every page. You don’t need to have buttons for lots of sites – just the popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are usually sufficient. This way, your readers can share content with just a couple of clicks.


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