• Barbara Gilbert

I Want a Website! How Do I Get Started?

It's great that people have so many ideas for starting a new business or sharing their enjoyment of a special interest and deciding that they need a website. However, translating that to a reality takes some real thought before you start. This blog includes some basic guidelines to help you with planning the content for an effective, engaging website that generates leads from visitors.

“What is the purpose of your website?”

There are several reasons why websites are created, designed and built. The most common and primary reason is because we want to make money. Here are other reasons:

  • Build and establish an online presence

  • Promote and establish a brand

  • Sell products or services

  • Showcase expertise and establish authority

  • Build and establish the trust of customers

"What do you want people to do on your website?”

This is next important question to consider.

You may want your site to be a reference for people to learn more about you and your work, buy a product, inquire about your services, or read / subscribe to your blog. Confirmation of what you want people to do on your website is very helpful.

“Who is your target audience/ideal client?”

There are several factors to consider in determining who your target audience is. A broad range of demographics includes age, gender, occupation, city or rural dweller, income level, interests and what characteristic would your ideal customer have who wants to buy your products or services.

Once you determine the persona, you can create the content for your website that will appeal to that audience.

Here are steps that help to determine and confirm your target audience:

  • Create your ideal customer profile based on age, gender, location, interests, specific needs.

  • Conduct market research to learn what customers’ buying habits are by searching focus groups, doing surveys and/or interviews

  • Research your competitors

  • Confirm how your product or service is beneficial to your customer

  • Determine how your product or service solves a problem for your customer

What are you offering?”

Be specific about what is being sold and shown on the site. If you are offering packages of services then provide a concise description or a list of features to show what’s included in a package and the cost that you want to list. You’d be amazed at how many people I’ve spoken to that haven’t worked out their price point for their product or service. Do this before you begin your site.

"What will bring your target audience to your site?"

What looking specific product or service is your audience looking for?

Are they looking for help?

How will your product or service be beneficial to them?

For example, does your service help them promote their business or special interest?

Does your product or service make a task easier for them and save time?

Do they want to see examples of your work and read about past projects so that they feel comfortable in engaging with you?

If you use this blog as a guide to start with these initial ideas, you will begin to create a more targeted strategy for your new site to help you reach your ideal client.


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