• Barbara Gilbert

Signs Your Website Needs to be Updated

In this age of the internet, websites are the way to promote your business. If you have a business that you want to grow, then you want a website that is well designed and suits the preferences of your audience. You may already have a website running for your business, but the question you should ask yourself is – is it outdated and in the need of an upgrade? Here are 8 ways you can know for sure:

Load Times:

The first thing your customer will judge your website on are load times. Open your website on a computer. Then open your website on a smartphone or tablet. If it takes a lot of time to load up, your website needs to be upgraded. The optimal load times for peak conversions these days range from 1.8 to 2.7 seconds across devices and with online user’s expectations also rising, a mere 100-millisecond delay in load time can hurt conversion rates by 7 percent!


If your website needs to survive in the current market, then SEO is the key. It allows your website to show up more easily in a web search and helps in Google ranking. If your website is not Search Engine Optimized, then it’s a clear indication for an upgrade.

Mobile Optimized:

In addition to SEO, another thing to focus on is mobile optimization. An astounding majority of the internet traffic is generated from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, then it’s a clear indication that it needs an upgrade. Mobile users typically want information quickly, at their fingertips. More purchases are made on mobile devices than on laptops or desktops. To have a website that is optimized for mobile devices to provide a good mobile experience is absolutely necessary for your business to grow.


One of the most important points that you must be aware of is security. Do you have the latest security measures in place on your website? There are more and more threats coming up each day and if your security measures are old, then you won’t stand a chance against these threats. You will need an upgrade as soon as possible to shield your website against them.

Ease of Communication:

If visitors to your website need to get in touch with you, can they do that using your website? Most websites have a contact form along with additional contact information. Is it easy for visitors to contact you through the contact form? If the answer is no, then you need to upgrade your website. Also make sure that you have your social media accounts linked there as well, so visitors can follow you there.

It is Difficult to Update the Content:

Making changes or updates to your website, adding blog posts or change product or service descriptions should be easy to accomplish. If your website is built on a platform that is difficult to work with and requires an outside third party to make the changes for you, consider rebuilding your website in a newer website platform. There are many different platforms available including WordPress and others that are user-friendly and easy to learn and work in to update your website more efficiently.

Your Website Doesn’t Display Well on Mobile Devices:

Internet searches are becoming more prevalent on smartphones and tablets which is even more reason your website needs updating. Also, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it won’t appear high in search engine rankings in Google. This decreases the amount of traffic, leads, conversions and sales to your website. Having a website that is can be viewed on mobile devices is very essential. It must be easy to navigate and have everything displayed in a way that's easy to follow.

High Bounce Rate:

The bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors that view your website and leave without clicking on anything. If your bounce rate is 25%, this means one out every four visitors is leaving before they click through the rest of your website to see what you have to offer, and because of this, you are missing a large percentage of sales.

This is due to a poor first impression. Changing to a more up-to-date design and changing to a layout of the content will make a difference.

Outdated Design:

The trends of website design are always changing. Old designs leave the impression that your business is outdated. Visitors to your website will not buy your products or services if they see that your business is keeping up with the times. After your website is published, updating your site on a regular basis, especially keeping up with website design trends, will leave a better impression on your business than not making any changes.

To Summarize:

There are many reasons and indications that it’s time for a new website. Do research to see what your competitors’ website are like and determine how you want your website to be redesigned. Things to consider: layout, colours, font styles, images, call to action buttons and contact forms.


Need help? Get in touch with us and we will be pleased to help you. Tell us about your ideas. Tell us how you want your website to look: colours, fonts, layouts, etc. Our services provide website design in a website platform that is user-friendly to work with and provides you with a website that you will be proud to show prospective customers.