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The Domain Name for Your Website

What is a Domain?

A domain name is your personal or business “home address” on the Internet. It’s like having a piece of real estate online that you control as long as you own the rights to the name.

When you select a domain for your website, this should be a name that represents your brand. This is the most important factor in choosing your domain name. Your domain is unique because it distinguishes your website from all other websites, and it points only to a single website – your website. Once you have selected the name for your website and paid and registered the domain name, it cannot be changed.

When you buy your domain name, you have exclusive rights to that name for a specified period of time with the hosting company on the Internet where you bought it. Usually hosting companies offer owners to purchase a domain name for at least a 1-year term and as much as for a 5-year term. After the owner has purchased the domain, it becomes the owner’s public address on the Internet and a gateway to accessing the owner’s website.

Domain names use a set of words, letters or numbers – sometimes a combination – to identify the owner’s website and ultimately their business on the Internet.

So, what is a URL and How is it different from a Domain Name?

URL is an acronym for Universal Resource Locator. What’s confusing about the differences between URL’s and domain names is that a URL is a unique address belonging to an individual file available on the Internet (source: Bluehost.com). It consists of a set of numbers, whereas a domain name can be a combination of letters and numbers and is used with a combination of various domain name extensions, such as .com, .ca, net, .org, etc.

A domain name indicates where a search should point (source: Bluehost.com). For example, when you type in a word in Google to do a search, a domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet based on what their IP (Internet Protocol) address is. IP addresses are a series of numbers that identify a computer or smartphone or tablet. Domain names for a website are easier to remember and that’s why they were developed and used to identify websites on the Internet.

Your Domain Name

When you choose a domain name, consider the content of your website and keywords. The keywords are the “hot words” unique to your brand, your business and more specifically your product or service. Those are the words that most likely will be typed into a search on Google or Bing or Yahoo. Select the best available name and then write content for your site that contains those keywords. It is very important to provide interesting, informative, keyword rich content in your website, especially for search engine optimization. Your domain name, therefore, is most important to your website, the keywords, and search engine optimization.


Are you planning your website? Not sure how to decide on keywords? Our website design services include assistance in selecting a domain name, and developing a keyword and keyword phrase list for your website that are relevant to your brand as well as developing your online presence. For more information, contact us and let’s discuss your website requirements.


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