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Website Building for Organic Traffic

Now that you have your website designed, built and hosted, what’s next?

How does anyone find it?

When users do a search and they know the exact name of your domain, that’s great! They type it in and there you are. Your target audience aren’t specifically looking for your site. They are looking for sites that match the search terms they type into a search engine such as Google or Bing.

Even if your site is selling designer shirts and the user has typed in ‘designer shirts,’ there will probably be thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other websites also selling or discussing designer shirts.

Many of your competitors’ websites will have been online longer than yours, possibly for many years and because of that they may have more credibility with the search engines and will be displayed higher than yours.

The whole objective of the game is to get your website higher in the search engine rankings for the search terms your prospective visitors or purchasers will be using to find solutions to their search.

There are many factors that influence the search engines to rank your website or the individual pages within your website higher. Credibility and longevity are part of it. But one of the biggest factors is relevancy, and there are many ways to strengthen the relevancy of your website to the given search terms.

Two Types of Website Traffic

First of all, there are two types of website traffic:

“Paid” Traffic?

Paid Traffic is where you pay a search engine to place ads on their search pages and other websites with ads for your website, which searchers may click on and end up on your site. Again, there will be many ads for competing websites for the searchers to choose from.

“Organic” Traffic?

Organic Traffic simply means no-paid traffic. The website increases its position with the search engines as it becomes more relevant, more credible and more popular. Organic search engine optimization is all about kick-starting this process, so your website will rank higher sooner.

Website building for organic traffic generally means setting up a site and adding relevant content to it in order to attract potential visitors and customers without going through paid advertising. There are actually two ways of building a website:

  1. by putting up hundreds of articles all at once and the other is by doing it gradually.

  2. by blogging which is more preferable, because it does take time to come up with quality articles for publishing on your website or you can use an blog writing service.

Why Add Content?

Time and Money

You can save yourself time and money by writing your own articles. Your website may not need content added all the time, so a few articles might be enough in the beginning. If your website is an interactive one, you can post new content to your site every week to keep it current and updated. Over time your site will grow with information and it will eventually have many articles full of information for your visitors. Each time you post new content by writing a blog, it builds trust in visitors to your site and they evolve from becoming potential clients to being actual clients.

Search Engine Rankings = More Organic Traffic

Another advantage of gradual website building is the fact that search engine spiders “crawl” your site more frequently, thereby increasing your chances of getting a higher spot in the search results, which is known as organic search.

The more you make changes and add new updates to your website, the more frequently the search engines will send its “spiders” out to check for further changes. If you update your site by adding one or two articles every month on a consistent basis, you will gain get higher search engine rankings than if you posted a hundred articles in under a week.

At this point, you might be wondering how much content you would really need in order to successfully launch a business website. There is really no strict rule to follow but in general, it would be good to prepare two or three articles for each topic in your website.

The important thing is that you provide content as soon as possible to make it visible to search engines. By adding even one article per week after your website is launched, it won’t be long before you have a full-scale website and the beginnings of organic traffic.

Continued Growth

Finally, the advantage of gradual website building is that over time your site is recognized as an authority website. You or your business can outrank your competitors through the continued growth and the adding of content to your site.

Start by making a plan or have an outline of which topics to write about in the future covering the various sections or topics or categories of your site. This is also very helpful if you have writers working for you because you will be able to give them their assignments way ahead of time.


If you would like to take the hands-free approach and have someone write content for your site, contact us with your requirements. Our team of writers can put together your ideas for publishing on your site. All you have to do is tell us what the topic is and provide 1 or 2 thoughts or ideas about the topic; we build upon your ideas and thoughts, do research and create an article or a blog for your approval for posting on your website and social media. For more information contact us at dynamicwebsitedesignstudio@gmail.com or call us at 647-281-0211.


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