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What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead users back to your website when they click on a link. They are identified as inbound links because they only direct users one way to your website.

Quality of Backlinks

Quality backlinks are links that point to your website from another website that has a higher authority than your website. These higher authority links are identified as "good" or "reputable" backlinks.

There are good or reputable backlinks and bad or disreputable backlinks. This is because Google views backlinks from one website to another website as a signal of how useful and respected the linked website is. Simply put, if a post on Facebook contains a link to your website, then the person who wrote the post must think the content in your website is good enough to link to because your website must provide the kind of content people want to read when searching on Google.

Use High Quality Backlinks

High quality or reputable backlinks are valuable to your website because they help promote your blog or your website from another high domain authority website that is trusted by search engines and searchers.

Why Is This Important?

The quality of a backlink is important because they affect the SEO of your website and the ranking of your site in search engine results page.

What Does This Mean?

Search engines use algorithms to collect information and rank pages. Search engines use bots and spiders to “crawl” your site for content and backlinks. Google views backlinks on any website as to how useful and respectful a website is and how relevant the information is in relation to what people are searching for.

How to Get Backlinks

Building a strong backlink portfolio is key. How is this done? Here are several ways to get backlinks that can also be beneficial for your website’s backlink portfolio.

  • List your website on online directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, LinkedIn, Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  • List your website on industry specific directories such as associations

  • Read blogs on other industry specific websites and write a comment that includes a link to your website.

  • Write blogs on social media websites such as LinkedIn and include a link to your website in the blog.

  • Write a blog as a guest to post on another website and include a link to your website in the blog. It is important that you look up good quality sites in your industry and find out which websites accept guest blogs.

  • Write blogs on your site or on social media that people will want to share.

When you write blogs to post on other websites, focus on creating content that will lead to backlinks itself. That being said, when you write great content that is helpful to people who are interested in your industry and the type of work you do, they will link to it themselves.

What are the benefits of Backlinks for your Website?

Search Engine Rankings

When you use high quality backlinks that are relevant to your business, this helps your web pages rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines like backlinks, especially high quality backlinks, are more likely to rank for relevant search queries and generate more traffic for your website.

Build Your Brand Authority

High quality backlinks attract visitors and potential customers to your brand by association. Visitors to your site and potential customers see backlinks as a good indication that your brand is one they should take an interest in. This helps to present your company as a valuable information resource in your particular industry, your expertise and your specialization. Other websites could even link to your content and provide natural backlinks back to your website.

Brand Name Recognition

When your brand name is linked throughout great content on another website, visitors and your customers associate your company with particular topics that they see your brand name linked to.

Get More Clients from Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is highly targeted. Every click on a link to your website from another website and visa versa drives high quality traffic to your website. For example, if you write and post a blog on an industry specific website with a link back to your website, this draws visitors to click back to your site.

Search Engine Optimization is a very complex function of websites and backlinks contribute to getting your website found, how your website ranks in the search engines and more. The intent of this blog was to provide a overview of backlinks to help you understand how they work and how they can beneficial to ranking your website in the search engines as well as why high quality links are valuable and how backlinks bring more traffic to your site.


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